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Permanent Jewelry


Come join us in Laguna Beach for your Permanent Jewelry Experience! We offer a large and beautiful selection of Gold Fill and Sterling Silver chains that will be permanently fitted by our jewelry experts. 

Unlike other pop-ups and boutiques, we do not attempt to melt the chain or fuse a round jump ring to connect each end of your chain. These jump rings can interrupt the unique design of your chain and often times the "flash" will leave a permanent dark spot on your chain. Instead, we use our advanced jewelry making skills to connect your chain with a very thin gold fill or sterling silver wire that we delicately wrap to make an almost invisible and very strong connection. This creates a more seamless look that does not interrupt the design of your bracelet.

Our technique allows us to have a wide variety of chain options for you to choose from. We can also add in pearls or gemstones as part of your chain, or select from our unique charms to beautifully accessorize your permanent jewelry!


Gold Fill 

Bracelets - Range from $35-$90 

Anklets - Range from $45 - $100

Necklaces - Range from $65 - $175

Sterling Silver 

Bracelets - Range from $35 -$80

Anklets - Range from $45 - $90

Necklaces - Range from $65 - $150

Rings - Range from $20 - $45

Charms - Range from $5-$12

The price range is for the full service and your appointment fee will be deducted from the final cost of your permanent jewelry. While the appointment fee is not refundable, it can be applied to a future appointment date. 

If for any reason your jewelry does fall off, we will re-secure for no additional cost. Please just reach out to book another appointment.

** Have an event coming up and want an in person permanent jewelry ** experience? Contact us here for more information.