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The Fundamentals of Jewelry Finishing Class

Thursday, June 2nd from 5pm - 7pm

We know how hard it can be to create a piece of jewelry and not be sure how to finish it so it won't fall apart. Or maybe you have figured out a way to "finish" your pieces, but the end result doesn't seem right or you worry it will break. If you struggle with these dilemmas, this class is for you!

Classes start with everyone's favorite: stretchy bracelets. We provide guidance on sizing properly and finishing seamlessly and securely. We will then move on to stringing. Learn which wire is best to use and why, how to measure the proper amount of beads needed before adding closures, which tools are best and why, and then how to properly complete your jewelry piece so that it is not only secure, but beautifully finished. 

This class will typically take 2 hours. 

Class size is limited to 6. 

Skill level: Beginners and up.

You will receive 15% off any beads and supplies purchased for a full week after completion of the class.

Cancellations allowed up to 72 hours prior to class. If within 72 hours, class fee shall be applied to a future class.